Hi everyone Seisan's team,

I had successfull install SEISAN in Linux environment, but in OS X i have error 
to compile programs in PRO directory with ‘make all’.

I have gfortran in /usr/local/bin/gfortran and gcc in /usr/bin/gcc installed, 
Xcode via App Store and XQuartz.

The SEISAN.bash are set to:

# SEISAN definitions to be sourced from users .bashrc file



# set platform, used for compilation,

# MUST BE: solaris, linux32, linux64, windows, macosx or macosxppc


export SEISARCH="macosx"


#    set SEISAN top directory


#export SEISAN_TOP="/home/seismo"

export SEISAN_TOP="/Users/pintolcv/seismo"


# set editor


export SEISAN_EDITOR="nano"

But when i try to compile the error is this:

macbookproLCP:PRO pintolcv$ make all
cd ../LIB; /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/make all; cd 
---- COMPILING SEISAN LIBRARIES -----------------
make[1]: abstim.for: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [abstim.o] Error 1
---- COMPILING SEISAN PROGRAMS -------------------

My .bashrc for SEISAN is this:

#SEISAN Specific lines - Edited by LP

. /Users/pintolcv/seismo/COM/SEISAN.bash

alias select="/Users/pintolcv/seismo/PRO/select"

What should i do more to put this working? Could be a question of PRO's 
directory files permissions?

Luís Pinto

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