Hello Wayne,

The GMAP settings in SEISAN.DEF are not used by SeisanExplorer.

To change the icons in SeisanExplorer you need to change the c++ code and 
recompile. I will ask Oyvind to add the option to his nice-to-have list.

BR Peter

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Wayne Abraham
Sendt: 20. september 2016 19:36
Til: seisan@geo.uib.no
Emne: [seisan] Gmap icons in Seisan Explorer


In the seisan.def file, one can change the icon used when using the Gmap 
command in EEV. I have noticed that that by just selecting events in Seisan 
Explorer and hitting the G key, a google map pops up with the locations of the 
selected events. How can I change the icon used for this? I have fiddled with 
the GMAP commands in the seisan.def file with no luck. Is there a secondary 
file to control this?

Thank you

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