Here is the editor I've been previously talking about:
Just drop it in your firefox.
You can launch it through the Tool Menu, the extension is called Selenium Test Editor. I've tried to make it easy to use.

A few things which are not to obvious
- if you're in the locator box, and you hit enter , the element will be highlighted in the page (if it can be found) - if you select a comand and then double click or hit enter, the command will be executed - when the record button (the one with an ear) is toggled on, the user gestures in the browser will be recorded.
when it's toggled off, the user gestures will be ignored

If you want to see the code, rename SeleniumEditor.xpi to
The code is zipped under the chrome directory.
Like selenium, it is provided under the Apache license. In fact it includes selenium 0.5 code which is used to test locators or to try to run a command.

Feedback will be welcomed but since I am finishing my internship next week you can send it also to my mentor: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Since he has already subscribed to the list, you can respond on it.

Hoa Ha Duong

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Anyone who is interested can drop me a line privately and
I'll send you the code. We really want to share this code but the
company has never put out code as open-source so we're taking
baby-steps here.

Hoa Ha Duong

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