> That's just the thing. Without -r the phone _will_ boot because the regexes
> are compiled on first use. With -r and an arch mismatch we have an undefined
> behavior, which is bad.

That's just a limitation of the current design.

> See, I don't currently know what part of the architecture is important. Will
> word size and endianess be enough, e.g., will regexes generated on x86_64el
> work on armv8el (apparently this is what I observed but it could change at
> the whim of the PCRE2 maintainers)? So what will be the encoding? If we
> encode the complete architecture then the typical case for android (build on
> x86_64 for armv7/armv8) will yield the same result as without the -r option,
> namely, we rebuild the regexes on the device. If we just encode word size
> and endianess it may work for a while... I just don't feel comfortable
> enough to make a decision at this point.

Then shelve it and use textual file contexts. The only purpose of the
binary format is to
include the pre-compiled regex;s so if you cant use that feature,
there's no point in
using binary format.

My thought would be that it has to be an exact match for architecture
upfront, then
possibly investigate relaxing the requirement later. But, IIRC, if we get a 30%
increase in text file load time, theirs really no point, for the
binary format on Android.
Android fic files are smaller, and have much simpler regex's compared
to our desktop

> My limited understanding is that the automata built by PCRE2 use pointers to
> link states or other structures. These pointers are symbolized when
> serialized, but they keep their width, which is why the regexes are at least
> sensitive to the word size.
> Just a wild Idea:
> PCRE2 also supports JIT compiling. I did not use this here because I did not
> feel comfortable for libselinux to depend on the execmem permission. But
> this could be developed into pre cross compiling the regexes into native
> code, which can than be linked into a device specific library. But I guess
> this would require quite some cooperation with the PCRE2 developers.

I was going to ask if the arch dependency was on JIT'd code or just
something else
which you elaborated above with word size/endiness, etc.

>> The other thing is, this is only an issue on binary formated file_context
>> files,
>> this is the ideal reason to move back to text files, since their is no
>> speedup
>> gained if we have to compile them.
> Right, or you could see it as an intermediate solution that does not require
> changes to the build system until we can properly cross compile the regexes.

If you add an option to sefcontext_compile it should be to remove
them. not add it in.
This keeps it consistent with teh behavior for PCRE, it would be add
to say, "make me
a binary fc, but don't actually embed the regex information", since
that is currently not
the default behavior. Changing the Android make recipe is trivial, so
adding -r shouldn't
for Android shouldn't be a show stopper.

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