On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 9:40 AM, peter enderborg
<peter.enderb...@sony.com> wrote:
> I will send the patches to pauls next tree. Im abit confused on when that is
> appropriate. Obviously there will be collisions with the namespace, but
> the patches also solves few of my prerequisite topics.

In an effort to clear up any confusion, here is the tentative plan ...
While I generally try to avoid rebasing the selinux/next branch, there
are a few things that we probably want to pull in from Linus' tree, so
after the merge window closes (I expect that to happen next weekend)
I'll rebase selinux/next to v4.16-rc1.  I always send a note to the
list when I rebase the selinux/next branch.

>From there, it's a matter of sorting out the merging logistics; I
suspect Stephen will probably just rebase his own selinuxns patches
(and presumably incorporate any feedback), but I tend to be a bit more
forgiving about manual fixups when merging patches after a rebase.
After Stephen's patches are merged we can merge the other bits that
rely on them.

Does that make sense?

paul moore

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