Hi all,

Version 1.6 of Semantic Forms has been released. This is a fairly major new
version, with a lot of additions and bug fixes. They are:

- there are now inputs for letting you select a category. Being able to
select a category is a feature that people have requested since almost the
beginning of Semantic Forms, but I always rejected it on the theory that
users shouldn't be adding categories to pages, and that a page shouldn't
belong to more than one category anyway. I still think that's usually the
case, but there are a number of wikis, like LexWiki, that use categories as
inputs because they're the only thing that matches the need: a hierarchical
set of values. It dawned on me that there's no way now, and probably no way
ever, that semantic properties will be able to generate a hierarchical form
input, so that you can, for instance, choose whether to set a car to be of
type "Ford" or "Ford Taurus", with the latter a subset of the former. So,
there are now two new input types for forms that display a category tree:
"category" and "categories". Both use the CategoryTree extension, which must
be installed for these input types to work:


The difference between the two input types is that "category" only lets you
select one value, while "categories" lets you select many: the first uses
radiobuttons, while the second uses checkboxes.

I should note that I haven't changed my opinion, the subject of a recent
thread, that a page should only have one category *that has a default form*.

- the 'CreateClass' special page was added. This page provides a form for
letting you create all the components of a single "class" - properties,
template, form and category - in one place, at the same time. This should be
helpful for people who want to get a wiki up and running quickly, including
beginning users. It should be noted that the page provides very little
flexibility compared to creating each component separately - you can't have
more than one template in the form, for instance.

- Samuel Lampa's addition of setting a default filename for file uploads has
been added, with some modifications: if you add the field parameter "default
filename" to an uploadable field, it will set the default name given to that
file. Also, the value of this parameter can include a "<page name>"
variable, which will get substituted with the name of the page being created
or edited.

- mandatory radiobutton and dropdown fields no longer have a "None" or blank
option show up, if they're set with a default value.

- remote autocompletion now works for wikis that use the new SMW database
structure (i.e., most SMW wikis). Until now, it always used the old table
structure, for no good reason.

- a bug was fixed so that the 'Category' namespace can have a default form
associated with it.

- the time placed in the form for fields with a "default=now" setting is now
set according to the wiki's time zone; thanks to Patrick Nagel for the fix.

- if the user is creating a page that has already been deleted once or more,
a warning message, with a list of previous deletions, appears at the top of
the form, just as happens with the regular "edit" tab.

- if a page has more than one default form associated with it, due to
multiple categories, a warning message appears at the top of the "edit with
form" tab. (This warning doesn't show up if the page has one default form
from its category and a different one from its namespace - category always
supersedes namespace.)

- the #tooltip parser function defined in SMW now works in forms.

-  a typo introduced in version 1.5 was fixed, for handling form fields not
defined in the template.

- the extension produces a more helpful error message if SMW is not

- language support was added for Veps.


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