On Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010, jeroen De Dauw wrote:
> Hey,
> I got the latest SMW code from SVN today and updated my wiki. A few queries
>  are now broken though. These queries all compare a property of type date
>  using the #time parser function. This parser function is showing "Error:
>  invalid time" instead of the expected behaviour. See [
>  http://ext.bn2vs.com/smw-query-fail.GIF ] for an example. This is not
>  occuring on my live wiki, which has the same content, but an older version
>  of SMW, see [ http://wiki.bn2vs.com/Main_Page ].
> Obviously the error is a result of the change made to the way the property
>  is displayed (it used to be a plain string, while now it'll show a pop-up
>  on mouse over). Is there a way to get the plain text version, or another
>  way of creating a query with some date/time selection?

Try using the "plain" output format for the Date property printout. For 

| ?my date property#

For Type:Date, it should be equivalent to use "#ISO" instead of "#" (the plain 
format is the ISO date format).

If this fails, then this is a bug in a recent update we made to Type:Date, and 
we need to fix it.



> Cheers
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