Here are  links to an article on weaning pressors in a septic patient.

The discontinuation dilemma: which vasopressor should be weaned first in 
patients recovering from shock?

Kim H, Desa P, Avallone E, Weart T, Adkins D. 



In my practice, I have always weaned off Vasopressin first, then phenylephrine 
then levo last. But we do not have a policy that states that, it is clinical 

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I am new to this list serve and I am hoping this is where I might get 
information on weaning vasopressors in a septic patient.  I have seen a lot of 
information on how to  initiate the pressors, however I cannot find information 
on how to wean off the pressors.  Some say "first on, first off" some say, wean 
levo first some say never to have Vasopression on alone, some say wean vaso 
last.  Any information would be helpful.


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