we are migrating our existing backend from PHP to Ruby.
We are using Sequel with Models but we can't do some queries because there 
is no way to use the MySQL function UNIX_TIMESTAMP.

I would like to create a query like this:

    :field_1 => 0,
    :field_2 => 0,
    :field_3 => Service::SERVICE_STATUS_ACTIVE,
  (suspend_date - Sequel::UNIX_TIMESTAMP) > 0
}.where {
  (suspend_date - Sequel::UNIX_TIMESTAMP) < time


I've seen there is already existing a CURRENT_TIMESTAMP constant but this 
does not work in our case. 
The existing database field is a int instead of a datetime field.

It would be really awesome if Sequel will add the UNIX_TIMESTAMP mysql 
method for Model queries.

I've done it temporary with using a timestamp variable (timestamp = 
but I would recommend to use the MySQL server time instead of the API 
server time.

Thank you very much!

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