Sequel 4.41.0 has been released!

= New Features

* Dataset#with_* methods have been added as equivalents for a
  few Dataset#*= methods, but instead of modifying the receiver, they
  return a modified copy, similar to the dataset query methods.
  Specific methods added:

  with_extend :: Extends clone with given modules
  with_row_proc :: Modifies row_proc in clone
  with_quote_identifiers :: Modifies quote_identifiers setting in
  with_identifier_input_method :: Modifies identifier_input_method
                                  setting in clone
  with_identifier_output_method :: Modifies identifier_output_method
                                   setting in clone

  Similarly, on Microsoft SQL Server, a with_mssql_unicode_strings
  method has been added, which returns a clone with the
  mssql_unicode_strings setting modified.

* On DB2, Sequel now supports an :offset_strategy Database option,
  which can be set to :limit_offset for "LIMIT X OFFSET Y" or
  :offset_fetch for "OFFSET Y FETCH FIRST X ROWS ONLY".  Depending
  on what version of DB2 is used and how DB2 is configured, it's
  possible one of these strategies will work.  For backwards
  compatibility, the current default is still to emulate offsets
  using the ROW_NUMBER window function.

* In the json_serializer plugin, you can now use an
  Sequel::SQL::AliasedExpression instance as an association name
  value, which allows you to rename the association in the resulting

    album.to_json(:include=>{, :s)=>{:only=>:name}})
    # => '{"id":1,"name":"RF","artist_id":2,"s":{"name":"YJM"}}'

= Other Improvements

* The association dataset methods now correctly handle cases where
  one of the keys is nil.  Previously, they would incorrectly use an
  IS NULL predicate in such cases.  Now, they use a false predicate.

* The hook_class_methods plugin handling of commit hooks has been
  fixed.  The implementation of commit hooks (but not rollback
  hooks) was broken in hook_class_methods starting in 4.39.0 due to
  changes to avoid keeping references to all model instances until
  the transaction was committed or rolled back.

* Using the Fixnum schema method no longer raises a warning on ruby
  2.4+, as it now uses the Integer class instead of the Fixnum

* The ado adapter has been greatly improved.  It now avoids memory
  leaks, has much better type handling, and passes almost all specs.
  Note that the ado adapter's behavior can change depending on the
  version of ruby in use, try to use ruby 2.2+ for best compatibility.

* Dataset#graph no longer mutates the receiver.  Previously, it set
  an empty hash as the :graph option in the receiver, which was
  unintentional and not desired.

* Pure java exceptions that don't support the message= method are now
  handled properly when reraising the exception on connection errors
  in the jdbc adapter.

= Backwards Compatibility

* Support for using the Bignum constant as a generic type has been
  removed, as was preannounced in the 4.36.0 release notes.  Users
  should switch to using the :Bignum constant if they haven't already.

* Users of the ado adapter may need to update their code now that the
  ado adapter correctly handles most types.

* The spec_*_w rake tasks in the repository now require ruby 2.4+ and
  use the warning library for filtering warnings, instead of trying to
  filter warnings with egrep.


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