Hi folks, I couldn't find this neither in documentation or former posts. 
I'm sorry if it has been mentioned already.

I'm trying to achieve this using Postgres and Sequel: 

create index my_index_name on my_table ((meta_data->>'meta_data_key'))

This creates a btree index on a Jsonb column called *meta_data* looking for 
internal json keys with the name *meta_data_key. *So, on Sequel migration 
I'm trying things like:

Sequel.migration do
  change do
    alter_table :my_table do
      add_column :meta_data, "Jsonb"
      add_index "((meta_data->>score))".to_sym

The problem is on the `add_index "((meta_data->>score))".to_sym` line. I 
keep getting a *PG::UndefinedColumn: ERROR:  column "(meta_data->>score)" 
does not exist.*

I've also tried several variations like:
`add_index "meta_data->>score"
`add_index :meta_data->>score
`add_index "(meta_data->>score)"

Does anyone know to properly do this?

Thanks in advance!

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