Following up on my last message (which I closed myself), I'm looking to 
create a class that extends Sequel::Model and uses the schema in a 

Here's an example:

MyDB = Sequel.connect(
              adapter:  'postgres', 
              host:     ENV['MYDB_HOST'], 
              port:     ENV['MYDB_PORT'], 
              database: ENV['MYDB_DATABASE'],
              user:     ENV['MYDB_USERNAME'],
              password: ENV['MYDB_PASSWORD']

Then, when trying to define the class using that connection:

  class Account < Sequel::Model(MyDB[:foo][:account])

This doesn't work. This does, however:

  class Account < Sequel::Model(Sequel[:foo][:account])

It seems dangerous to not specify the connection to use. Is there a way to 
do this to ensure that the data is correct?


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