We're using Redshift with Sequel gem *4.45* and are able to override the 
methods for `insert_returning_sql` and `supports_returning?`.
When we upgraded to Sequel *>= 4.46* our overridden methods are *not* 
called.  (We have the code to override the Database and Dataset -- akin to 
what's in the sequel-redshift 0.0.1 gem)

It appears that our overridden Redshift dataset method is not being 
called.  e.g. db[...].insert(...) and returns the standard 
Postgres::Dataset not our Sequel::Redshift::Dataset.  I am trying to 
determine what has changed such that the overridden Dataset is not being 

I have found that we can use the Dataset#disable_insert_returning to "fix" 
the issue.  But we didn't want to change all the code to include it. 

Thoughts?  We can't quite go to Sequel >= 5 yet.



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