We are interested in using Sequel to interface with Snowflake 
<https://www.snowflake.com/>, which is ODBC-compliant and can be connected 
to as such:

require 'odbc'
require 'sequel'
db = Sequel.odbc('SnowflakeDsnGoesHere')

db.run('select 1;')


We have a need to issue queries to Snowflake without waiting for the query 
to complete, and therefore we have no need of the immediate results. This 
is because we're depending on some Snowflake commands that allow us to 
store the results of a query as a CSV in an S3 bucket, which run the query 
asynchronously of the caller/requester. For this purpose, Snowflake's 
SnowSQL <https://docs.snowflake.net/manuals/user-guide/snowsql.html> client 
provides a `results=False` option when issuing a query, allowing the system 
call to immediately return once the query has been submitted to the 
database. I'm hoping to find a similar option as we try using Sequel for 
our purposes.

I took a look through the Sequel documentation and I don't believe I see 
any options to make queries submitted to an ODBC database asynchronous, or 
at least not try to wait for the query to complete before returning. Is 
this something Sequel can do, via ODBC or otherwise? I can provide more 
information if necessary.

Thank you for your time!

Rebecca Paz

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