KFOR takes control over Air Traffic Tower of Kosovo’s International Airport


2 minutes


Online media Indeksonline citing its sources reported on Friday that KFOR will 
return to airport by taking control over security ten years after transferring 
competencies to local authorities. 

The Pristina International Airport is one of the busiest in the region. A 
source told Indeksonline that former KFOR Commandeer, Giovanni Fungo, held a 
meeting with the Airport officials asking them for the return of NATO troops in 
airport due to security concerns.

The online media also reported that some of the ambassadors and diplomats are 
using alternative airports to when flying to their countries because of the 
security concerns

Last year, Gazeta Express received a report of the investigators from the 
European Union Office for Criminal Intelligence (EUOCI), revealing breach of 
security protocols and raising suspicions about financial misuse in projects 
worth millions of Euros by airport officials. 

Also, media leaked a report of the Kosovo authorities proving failure of all 
security chains in Airport. Officials testing the security managed to smuggle 
aboard aircraft a suitcase with explosives, without being detected by the 
security of the airport.

Also an armed man reached the plane, whereas another man entered the radars 
system at airport. Luckily this was just a test!


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