Serbian government accuses protesters of killings, beatings, fascism...

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Top Serbian officials and pro-government media continued today with the harsh 
attacks against the opposition accusing its people of staying behind the 
protests over the fuel price hike. Among other things, the opposition is marked 
as responsible because a pregnant woman has allegedly lost her baby due to a 
blockade on one of the highways.

President Aleksandar Vucic said that he has made a mistake "because I told 
them: let them do whatever they want". He probably alluded to security forces 
that did not prevent protesters from blocking the highways and crossroads 
throughout Serbia.

"The beating of a citizen in Belgrade represents extreme violence which unseen 
in the past 10 years... He was brutally beaten because he asked them 
(protesters) the reason they rallied for. These people are preventing freedom 
of movement, something that is guaranteed by the constitution", Vucic 

However, Zeljko Veselinovic, president of the trade union "Sloga", claimed that 
this citizen, identified as Bozidar Milic, has not been attacked. "He is an 
allegedly beaten citizen is, and, by the way, an SNS (ruling party) member", 
Veselinovic tweeted, posting photos which, as he claimed were made before and 
after the attack <> .

On Monday, Vulin accused protesters of preventing the movement of the military 
vehicles to the south of Serbia and thus jeopardising national security.

The main pro-government tabloid, the "Informer" accuses leaders of the 
opposition for "terrible political violence". Under the main headline that 
reads, "Fascists beat people" they quote the allegedly beaten Milic, saying 
that the attackers also stole 300 euros from him. "I asked them why they are 
doing that, and after that they began beating me. They also took 300 euros from 
me", Milic told the "Informer".

Deputy mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic said that the poorest people in Serbia 
have been left without free food due to the protests. He also accused 
opposition leaders of (causing or stimulating) the blockades, calling them 


"He is very annoyed over the protests... As MPs we have to protect this people 
(protesters), rather than attending the parliament session", tweeted Marinika 
Tepic, an opposition MP, alluding to Vucic.

The protests kicked off on Friday. Fuel price in Serbia has reached 1.3 euros, 
the highest price in the Western Balkans.... /  <> IBNA


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