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JAMES-2329 Propose a blog post for Google Summer of Code 2018


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+layout: post
+title:  "Apache JAMES joins Google Summer of code 2018 !"
+date:   2018-02-1 00:00:22 +0200
+categories: announcements
+This year, James developers will propose ideas of Google Summer of Code 
projects for students.
+[Google Summer of Code] is a global program focused on bringing more student 
developers into open source software development.
+Students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming 
project during their break from school.
+![Google Summer of code communication image]({{ "/assets/images/gsoc.png" }})
+We consider it is a dreamed occasion to discover the Apache James project, and 
get on board in this amazing project!
+We are willing to offer high quality mentoring on high added value, useful 
tasks. As a student:
+ -     🎓  You will discover how Open Source world works. You will exchange 
with our community.
+ -     🎓  You will be advised by experienced, long term committers.
+ -     🎓  You will build technical experience on a mail server.
+ -     🎓  And hopefully you will get some code contributions on an Apache 
+Here are some ideas of applications:
+ - ⚒ [JAMES-1931] We are in need of a WebAdmin User Interface to ease our 
beloved administrator API. You will need to build an administration website on 
top of the **webAdmin** REST API.
+ - ⚒ [JAMES-1932] James allow to fully customize mail processing. But we 
miss tools to ease edition and testing of the processing flow.
+ - ⚒ [JAMES-1933] Emails need to be secure. Many protocols like DKIM, SPF 
and DMARC allow to meet this purpose. However we need more documentation and a 
DMARC implementation.
+ - ⚒ [JAMES-2335] James should be a flexible server. We should be able to 
use custom configuration providers, not only XML files as of today. That is a 
move toward "clustering done the right way".
+Of course, we are very open if you want to propose other ideas to us! Come and 
discuss this on [our gitter channel] or on the issues directly.
+Thank you by advance for your involvement and hope to see you around!
+[Google Summer of Code]:
+[our gitter channel]:
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