Thank you for the explanations. I now understand much better the migration from 
Spring to Guice, and the intent behind Guice.

Instead of directly answering the questions you posed, I will make a proposal 
that I think goes in the same direction as your comments.

> This documentation effort would be a great move toward James as a
> toolkit to write your own email server. We of course had it in mind
> during Guice adoption, but not yet had feedback on the topic.

Although quite tedious, I propose as a first step that I simply ask questions 
about each of the 144 Guice Modules in the system. I will take notes in the 
form of Javadoc in order to keep the information together with the code. Just 
knowing what they are intended for will be a good start. Once each of them is 
documented, I think it should be easier to analyze what to do with it.

I am sure that in some cases, maybe even many, I should be able to guess about 
the purpose of the Module. So to save time, I will try, as much as possible, to 
propose an explanation and ask for feedback.

When I don’t understand, I’ll have to ask for help.

In any case, this tedious project should be a big step forward, but it depends 
on whether or not the developers here are willing / able to help. :-)

Please let me know if I should or should not continue in this direction.


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