Would be interesting to know more on Uruguay's Debian based XS.. any links?

Besides, if I remember correctly, I guess Tony Pearson was also part of 
that team or maybe not. I have mixed feelings about the current XS 
builds, guess I'd have preferred the XS being a lot more efficient and 
to run out of the box then what one gets off the latest image, as I 
believe a considerable amount of time has gone into it. On the other 
hand am not too sure if changing to core OS would resolve anything, it's 
more about getting the right packages in and getting them to function as 

Maybe at this point it makes sense resolving the bugs with the current 
XS, instead of trying to port it to a Debian based distro. As Martin 
points out the non-functional 80% kind of stands out. But then if you 
guys do eventually decide to have two concurrent versions of the XS and 
plan for a Debian based XS.. count me in on it. Maybe competition for 
good is the need of the hour!


Michael Stone wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 07:41:13AM +1000, Pia Waugh wrote:
>> There are a few interesting feature requests I've had from local trials,
>> including the ability to only allow an XS to talk to "approved" XOs, to
>> avoid strangers parking outside a school with an XO and interacting with
>> children (worst case scenarios are always the first thing on a Government
>> agenda :), so we're looking at MAC address management on the server
>> potentially. More to come!
> Uruguay already uses a Debian-basex XS (which is quite different from
> Martin's) and which includes some MAC-address filtering technology.
> (They've also expressed great interest in expanding this technology into
> a full 802.11i/802.1x/EAP/RADIUS authentication system, which seems like
> it might be of mutual interest.)
> Greg Smith and Emiliano Pastorino could probably give you some good
> introductions if you'd like to try to collaborate with LATU.
> Michael
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