This is Manoocher from OLPC Afghanistan, I need some information about the
sipcification and cost of a Server for 900 XO laptops, however I got some
information, as below but still I need to have more expieraince.

Server & Networking
Component        Estimated Cost                 Power (W)
Large Server     $1,200                 80
2 GHz processor
4 GB DRAM               Varies, see School worksheet
1 TB Disk        $200   disk priced separately, cheapest when provided by school
The size above which disk prices increase above the cost listed:
        1024    GiB

Small Server     $800   e.g. Dell SC440 22
1 GHz processor
                disk priced separately, cheapest when provided by school

Small Server UPS         $200   100W output, 1 hr. capacity at 20W, for solar
systems with no storage

Manoocher Salam
Dispatch Center Officer
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Project
PAIWASTOON Networking Services Ltd.

Mobile: 0093 706 141 593

PAIWASTOON Networking Services Ltd.
1st Street Kart-e Se, House no. 5
Opposite Habibia High School
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