I would like to ask what the plan is for allowing Sugar running on
hardware other than an XO to register with an XS.

I had a quick look at /usr/bin/registration-server in the XS and
schoolserver.py in a Sugar installation and I was able to "trick" the XS
into registering an SoaS by modifying schoolserver.py on the SoaS. I
removed the part of the code that checks for the XO information and
modified the def that handles registration to send randomly generated
strings for serial and UUID instead.

I guess it's really not that hard to do but it would be nice to have an
accepted way of doing it.

For instance, maybe we could modify schoolserver.py to generate a serial
and UUID if Sugar is not on an XO laptop instead of saying the required
info is not present. 

Also, how is moodle integration coming along. Is there documentation
somewhere with details on how this will be achieved ? Will this involve
modifying registration-server or ejabberd ?

Thanks in advance.



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