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> So what does gadget do? Is there a new client side UI for electing
> groups?

Good question. I think that

 - Gadget actually extends XMPP, so there are new XMPP msgs on the
wire -- which means you need new code on the client side -

 - Gadget itself (which is on the server side) remembers who you've
interacted with recently, so above a certain threshold it'll show
those on the Network View

 - If you use the search on the network view, it'll also run a search
against Gadget so new nodes may appear in the Network View (not just
the greying out of non-matches)

there are other changes as well, I think. Right now a shared activity
is - on XMPP - a 'chatroom'. With Telepathy-Gadget and a Gadget server
they are implemented as something custom and specific. I don't know
what extra tricks you can get out of that ;-)

OTOH, it stops being generic XMPP so it kind of binds you to
ejabberd+Gadget (maybe other XMPP servers are supported as well?). And
you can no longer interop with any random XMPP client.


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