Hi all,

I've recently returned to our pilot implementation in Jimeta, Nigeria for a
follow up teacher training and I found the server in need of quite a bit of

When attempting:
service ejabberd status

I was receiving an "unknown host" error as well as:
Ejabberdctl status fails with "RPC failed on node sta...@servername:
I followed the re-install instructions from

Try the following to fix ejabberd, basically reinstall it

 /etc/init.d/ejabberd stop
 killall epmd
 rm -rf /var/lib/ejabberd
 rpm -e --nodeps ejabberd
 yum install ejabberd
 Fix config files -- /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg
 Make sure you can ping your fully qualified domain name
   --- BryanWB

I've since re-run (I've input my actual domain below for clarity:

/etc/sysconfig/olpc-scripts/domain_config lccnjimeta.org

Then I checked /etc/sysconfig/network for my hostname:

I then followed the setup instructions enabling jabber at boot and rebooted.

When I run:
ejabberdctl status

I end up with an error report (which I assume implies a crash).  The problem
seems to surround:

"Error when reading /var/lib/ejabberd/.erlang.cookie: eacces"

I'm thinking that perhaps whatever version of ejabberd was in the rpm
I downloaded following the reinstall instructions above might be the

If it's not clear from my post here, my Linux experience is quite
limited and most of it was 6 or 7 years ago.

I'd like to re-install ejabberd from whatever location makes most
sense given that the initial installation of the school server was
done in May 09 with what was at that time the most current release
(5.2 I believe?).

1) Is this a good first step?
2) Can someone send me newbie level instructions for taking a good first step?
3) Any other newbie level recommendations?

Thanks for any assistance!

However, I was still receiving the unknown host error as well as a new
problem, where just attempting to check the status of the service was
crashing either ejabberd or erlang,

I found one hit on google that led me here:

My crash output included the line mentioned about half way down the page in
the post above

"Error when reading /var/lib/ejabberd/.erlang.cookie: eacces"
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