Just some massive advance thanks to all those doing *great*
OS/XSCE/Internet-in-a-Box work on RPi3 this year:

- Tim Moody whose XSCE prototype using http://kraxel.org 's Fedora 22/23
laid the foundation in Jan/Feb.

- George Hunt whose recent Raspbian and Fedora 24 work greatly enhanced the
above, with ongoing RTC work.

- Peter Robinson whose Fedora 25 beta is expected in a few short weeks,
possibly moving us into the 64-bit world?

- Anish Mangal who mentioned CentOS might just run well on RPi too one day??

- Others I've surely forgotten (Cesar Nataren, Alex Perez, Avni Khatri,
Jerry Vonau, James Cameron, Josh Dennis, TK Kang...)

Conclusion: all such work is coming together more than we ever could have
imagined a year ago -- to extremely promising ends -- Profound Thanks to

Even if the jury's out on which foundational OS(s) truly will hammer home
the most solid RPi3 Community Support Longevity, be it Debian itself or
whatever in the end~

(With Android/Windows 10 watching jealously from the sidelines -- but not
YET iOS ;)
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