It's been 6 months since release 6.0, and the XSCE team has been busy.

What's New?

   - Calibre -- A tool for managing a library of eBooks, modifying their
   file formats, adding search terms, and making them available online.
   - Wordpress -- A content management system which gives students
   experience with editing wiki pages, blogs, menuing systems, and which is
   widely used.
   - Dokuwiki -- An alternate wiki system, similar to wordpress, but less
   popular, which makes transferring wiki materials easy from one school
   server to another.
   - Sugarizer -- Makes some of the sugar activities available to browser
   clients on laptops, and smart phones/tablets.
   - CUPS -- Common Unix Printing System provides the ability to connect to
   and share network or USB connected printers.

What's Upgraded?

   - Moodle is now upgraded to version 3.1, the most recent (long term
   support) version that will be supported until May 2019.
   - Elgg -- A social networking application is upgraded to 2.1.
   - Owncloud -- Permits sharing of all kinds of content between clients of
   a local server that is not internet connected (version 9).

*Install Instructions: *



   - Rpi3 --
   - Fedora x86_64 iso:
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