On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 3:49 PM, Tim Moody <t...@timmoody.com> wrote:
> For those who wish to experiment I have added several rpi3 images to
> http://xsce.org/downloads/xsce-release-6.0/rpi-images/

Fedora 25 will have Raspberry Pi support for both the RPi2 and RPi3 as
part of Beta due in a couple of weeks.

> These are based on the rpi2 images, so they are 32 bit, but they are
> configured to use the internal wifi as a hotspot.

In our builds (Fedora Minimal/Server etc editions) you'll be able to
dd the image out and boot it on either device without any changes.

> The Raspberry Pi folks also claim the 3 is 30% faster than the 2, even in 32
> bit mode, and have not yet announced plans for 64 bit support.

Having been testing both the 2 and 3 I can easily see this. It's
fairly basic... the v2 is 900mhz quad core, the v3 is 1.2ghz with 4
cores. So that's instantly 1/3 increase.

In RPi3 news I almost fell over when the firmware made it upstream
into linux-firmware the other day! Not all the drivers are upstream
yet though. I'm going to review how terrible and how many patches are
needed to try and get it landed for F-25 GA. Time will tell....

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