Is building an .xol bundle/collection/file (containing all the PDF's) the
easiest way?  What's the easiest way to build up an .xol of PDF's if so?

Presumably by then installing the .xol in Sugar -> Terminal Activity as

   sugar-install-bundle /run/media/olpc/<USB DEVICE LABEL>/<BUNDLE.xo>

Or is there much better ways to "permanently" install a large number of
PDF's onto Sugar across a large number of XO laptops?  Or should we use
Gnome instead of Sugar, if there's a much better way?  Sugar's Browse
Activity is preferred (faster, lightweight) but Firefox 26.0 is also
installed if absolutely necessary, in case either are needed instead of
Sugar's Read Activity.

CLARIF: The job will be done using USB memory sticks, walking from one XO
laptop to the next, to install all these PDF's.

CLARIF: We want the PDF's to remain on the XO laptops even after the
teacher types in "rm -rf /home/olpc/.sugar" to clean out personal files
from Sugar on each laptop, which typically happens at the beginning of each

CLARIF: A Sugar icon within the Sugar wheel would be a bonus, but any other
method of finding this content within 3-to-5 clicks from Sugar's Home View
can work Ok!

CLARIF: these books need to be on the XO laptops themselves, as servers
like IIAB are *not* always present.

*Apologies there are serious electrical problems in Haiti where we're
working, so it's very tough to fully research this online!*
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