Strange, we never had such issues reported.
Does this only happen for a specific subfolders or for all? Do you have that issue on the INBOX? What about the default installation with the embedded Derby database? (did you monitor the PostgreSQL connection for any trouble?)

On 31/10/13 10:36, Thomas Graefenhain wrote:
Hi All,

I'm using James 3.0-beta4 configured with PostgreSQL 9.3. I'm accessing
it via Thunderbird 24.1.0 over IMAP. My folder structure is like the
following: INBOX.Folder.Subfolder and I have over 600 mails in one

While accessing a Subfolder with Thunderbird the amount of mails shown
in Thunderbird varies but never shows all mails. Each time I'm switching
into a Subfolder Thunderbird clears that folder and reloads it from the
server with different results. Also the number of mails 'not seen'
varies and even after marking the whole folder as seen, I've unseen
mails in that folder after reload. This happens independently of
configuring Thunderbird to use IDLE mode for IMAP or not.

Is this behavior a know issue? Is there a patch? Are there any
suggestions to solve that or are there any workarounds? I'm willing to
help on that if I will get some pointers where to start.

Thx in advance

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