Hi Rami,

Le 19/09/2016 à 12:34, Rami Ojares a écrit :
Everytime I have tried James there has been problems with connections hanging etc.
And version 3 has been coming now for 10 years at least.
So I would be very careful before moving your emails on it.
At least test it for one month and different email clients.

- Rami
Thank you for this very supportive email !

To be honest, James 3 started a long time ago and didn't always received the attention it deserves at some times.

What changed is that :
1. we have people working on it fulltime now (and even selling support if needed)
2. there's a plan towards 3.0 ...
3. ... and this plan includes "endurance & load testing"

So, expect your stall connection problems to be fixed before 3.0 and a James release in the near future.

And finally, to answer Haiming, James 3 supports IMAP without known blocking issue. Just remind that James 3 is still beta for some time.


Matthieu Baechler

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