Does anyone meet the same problem? any clue on the root cause and the solution?

From: haiming li []
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 12:25
To: 'server-user' <>
Subject: james-cli failure

We have v3-beta4 up and running since yesterday. This morning I got below error 
when trying to run james-cli.

[...]$ ./ -h localhost -p 9999 listdomains
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: INFO: os::commit_memory(0x00000000eaaa0000, 
89522176, 0) failed; error='Cannot allocate memory' (errno=12)
# There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue.
# Native memory allocation (mmap) failed to map 89522176 bytes for committing 
reserved memory.
# An error report file with more information is saved as:
# .../apache-james-3.0-beta4/bin/hs_err_pid21130.log

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