Can someone confirm how the ToRepository mailet should be functioning in 3.0.1?

I have the following in mailetcontainer.xml
       <mailet match="All" class="ToRepository">

The log shows:
DEBUG 22:42:32,395 | james.mailetcontext | Entering mailet: ToRepository Mailet
        mail state root
INFO  22:42:32,395 | james.mailetcontext | Storing mail 
Mail1519011751172-ced03bba-4fc9-4646-8d62-7f2cec95110f in file://var/mail/james
DEBUG 22:42:32,401 | james.mailetcontext | End of mailet: ToRepository Mailet

However /var/mail/james is empty after the call.

Anyone with any thoughts?

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