Thank you very much for the review. 

I still need a (R)eveiwer to approve the fix. Could someone, please, review 
this simple one-line change?

Best regards,

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Subject: Re: RFR: 8158797: Test 
java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ fails when GC is specified 

Hi Alexander,

Looks good. Please correct copyright year in the header(2015 -> 2016). 
Not need a new webrev for that.


On 10.10.2016 13:51, Alexander Kulyakhtin wrote:
> Hi,
> Could you, please, review this simple, test-only change:
> CR: "Test 
> java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ fails when GC is 
> specified explicitly"
> Webrev: 
> In order to verify some expected behavior, the test specifies its own GC 
> options when running.
> Currently, if the testing framework runs this test with some other explicitly 
> specifed GC options, then the test fails with "Conflicting collector 
> combinations in option list" message.
> We are modifying the test so that it runs only when the framework does not 
> specify any GC options.
> Best regards,
> Alexander

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