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While trying to identify the type given an address, a WrongTypeException was getting thrown with various clhsdb commands (like printmdo, jstack, etc). This was since SA tries to map an address to a hotspot C++ type by comparing the vtable address to the vtable address values of known types. With CDS, since the vtables are copied over for the Metadata classes, the vtable addresses themselves don't match (though, of course, the contents will), and SA errors out.

The fix has been implemented by making changes to read in the md region (consisting of the c++ vtables) of the CDS archive in SA, and mapping the vtable addresses to the corresponding metadata type (ConstantPool, InstanceKlass, InstanceClassLoaderKlass, InstanceMirrorKlass, InstanceRefKlass, Method, ObjArrayKlass, TypeArrayKlass).

For corefiles, an additional modification has been done to have the replicated FileMapHeader structure (from src/hotspot/share/memory/filemap.hpp, which is replicated in SA in ps_core.c), to be in sync with the corresponding definition in src/hotspot/share/memory/filemap.hpp.

Test cases to test both live and corefile debugging are being added with this. These and other SA tests pass on Mach5.


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