> I think the conversation will shift a bit if you explain what you mean with:
> "// inspect the frames of that thread doing any needed business with them"
> What exactly do you have in mind? Do you want to change the stack in some
> way?

I would like to inspect the variable's name/value on the stack at a specific 
point in time for diagnostic purposes, I don't want to change their value. I 
don't think that should be allowed anyway :-)

> Because, depending on what you want, Andrew's comment on:
> ThreadMXBean.getThreadInfo(id).getStackTrace() ?
> seems reasonable to me :)

I had a look to the API's Javadoc, my understanding is that I could to get to 
the StackTraceElement array with it . That is OK to see the 
calls' stack but it does not provide any API to inspect what is actually on the 
stack in terms of variable's <name, value> pair.

Did I miss anything ?


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