Hi Christoph, 

I'm familiar with the non-system includes in hotspot, 
there mostly a total alphabetical ordering is followed, like in 
> It is. However, I have put "subdirs" first. That is, the includes from sys/*
Also, that's not true, see the first file in your webrev, which is sorted as I 
would expect:
while this sorts as you state:

Is there a different pattern followed in hotspot and jdk coding?

In case you resort them (have fun :) ), no new webrev is needed.

Best regards,

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> Hi Goetz,
> thanks for the review.
> > You say you are sorting the includes, but in the VirtualMachineImpl.c
> > files the order is changed, but according to which order? It's
> > not alphabetical as in other files.
> It is. However, I have put "subdirs" first. That is, the includes from sys/*
> come first (in alphabetical order).
> Best regards
> Christoph

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