On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 2:25 AM Antoine Musso <has...@free.fr> wrote:

> Implicit merging of a branch into another might be helpful sometime, but
> most probably all typical use cases would be due to a mistake and could
> lead to a catastrophe.

Indeed. Surprising this hasn't hit us hard before. To further on "this could
be helpful sometime"...if a particular repo or group of repos needed this
back on, we can always override it there.

> I blame Gerrit default behavior on that one :]

In their defense, the way they view the review/merge model is that you
target the
lowest necessary supported branch for fixes and new features land in
master. Lower
branches are routinely merged upwards. The default behavior here totally
sense in that context and clearly less so in a cherry-pick driven model we
use. But
yay for an easy fix :)

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