Even though this announcement list has been quiet for some time, SEUL is
still moving forward. The gEDA project is posting weekly (if irregular)
releases of their EDA software, Independence is close to having an alpha
distribution, Doug has a solid draft of his "Commercial Port Advocacy Howto"
written, and we've started several new groups to coordinate other projects
on the Internet -- for instance, recently we've started the seul education
project and the linux KB (knowledge base) project. You'll hear about them

Also, we have a new frontpage for the website. I decided to cut everything
down to just what we're working on right now, so it's easier to navigate
and easier to track status. "Simple is good." Note that frames are now
gone. :)

This note is just to let you know that I hope to start posting more
regular status updates for progress in the SEUL world. Linux is getting a
lot of publicity these days, and more people are starting to work towards
making it an end-user-friendly environment.

For those that missed the Halloween announcements or only skimmed them,
note that SEUL is mentioned in http://www.opensource.org/halloween2.html --
it's time to prove to Microsoft that the Linux community is wider and
more resourceful than the small subsection they've seen so far.



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