SEUL/edu has been providing weekly reports to Linux Weekly News, on the
status of Linux in Education. The group has been moving forward nicely; some
of the reports are well worth reading.
The Linux Knowledge Base Org. has also been providing weekly status updates
as to their progress. Mandrakesoft was kind enough to offer SEUL space and
computers (and even a plane ticket!) at the upcoming Linuxworld Expo in
New York, Feb 2-4. We are sending the LinuxKB team, since they intend to be
finished with their alpha release by Feb 1. Go find them at the Expo (look
for the SEUL banner) and have a chat with them.
Authenticated User Community for Education is an intranet system designed
for use in a K-12 setting but is also useful in many other settings. It
offers the ability for users to have a uniform web-based interface to
discussion forums, e-mail (similar to hotmail, etc.), file management, and
a searchable user database. Also, "Interactive Classrooms" provide a means
for students and teachers to have a web-based extension to their in-class
interaction. The system runs from a C-based monolithic CGI script. MySQL
is used for database storage. Also, the web-based mail client supports
MIME parts/attachments, IMAP, mbox, and multiple mail folders.
AxY FTP (previously known as WXftp) version 0.5.0 has been prepared for
release and is available for testing.


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