Seul will be attending next week's Linuxworldexpo in NYC. We've got a Seul
booth and a whole bunch of seul-affiliated people attending, including:

Roger Dingledine (SEUL project leader)
Doug Loss (SEUL/edu project leader)
Pete St. Onge (SEUL/sci project leader)
Felipe Bergo (author of,
Summer (representing the future SEUL/access project)
Jeff Knox from Linux in the Classroom
Chris Lehmann from Beacon School
Harry McGregor from
Karl Pena (SEUL/edu webmaster) is coming as part of NOVALUG
Rachel Greenstadt (SEUL/edu member)
Jason Pincin ( project leader)
Daniel E. Markle ( developer)

Doug, Jeff, and Chris are going to be on a linux-in-education panel on
Friday morning ( (S76)).

So drop by our booth and say hello, to talk to Doug about how to introduce
Linux in your schools, Pete about how to make Linux work better for
scientists, and me about how to conquer the world.

Be seeing you,


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