Responding to the AR I took in the meeting:

The ODL OVSDB plugin pulls in the supported datapath types and interface types 
from the OVS host (v2.4 and above) - part of the Open_vSwitch table schema.

Netvirt, for example, checks if the 'dpdk' interface type is present to 
determine if the OVS host is using OVS with DPDK.  So, when it (Netvirt) 
creates the integration bridge (e.g. br-int), it can specify the correct 
datapath type (netdev).

The SouthboundUtils class in the OVSDB plugin has this method:
    public boolean isOvsdbNodeDpdk(Node ovsdbNode)
which does the check.


Example RESTCONF request:

  "ovsdb:interface-type-entry": [
      "interface-type": "ovsdb:interface-type-dpdk"

Or (if host does not support dpdk interface type):
  "errors": {
    "error": [
        "error-type": "application",
        "error-tag": "data-missing",
        "error-message": "Request could not be completed because the relevant 
data model content does not exist "

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Now that we have released Boron, we need to discuss the bugs we plan on fixing 
in Boron SR1, and what we plan on implementing in Carbon.

Regarding the Carbon features, I would like to discuss these next week at the 
ODL summit.

Also, can we go over the status of where we are with the Logical SFF?

Today I wont be able to be in front of the PC for the meeting, so I wont be 
able to present nor see anything being shared.



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