I investigated this and have a fix for SFC Carbon that I will submit.

The fix for Boron will be slightly different, and I'll need a Bugzilla [0] created to be able to submit the patch. Can you create one, please.




On 19/12/16 09:41, Paraskevopoulos Georgios wrote:

Hi Brady,

I tried to list the SFFs and you were right, there was an SFF that was not deleted. I deleted it through the REST API and it was removed successfully, but the vxgpe port was still there on the compute node (logs in [0-3]).

1.It seems that the OVS state is not properly cleaned when an SFF is removed. Could someone investigate this?

2.Shouldn’t the SFF be implicitly removed when the SF is deleted? Many users will utilize the tacker API, which does not expose the SFF entities.


Some info I didn’t mention (better late than never):

1.This test is run using Boron SR1

2.This may be obvious, but all the VNFs are booted in the same CH where the leftover port is located.

[0]: SFF list before delete:

[1]: SFF list after delete:

[2]: ovs-vsctl show *AFTER *delete:

[3]: dump-flows *AFTER *delete:



*From:*Brady Allen Johnson []
*Sent:* Friday, December 16, 2016 5:05 PM
*To:* Paraskevopoulos Georgios <>;;
*Cc:* Juan Vidal ALLENDE <>
*Subject:* Re: Leftover vxgpe port after SF deletion

Here's the curl command to list all SFFs:

    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X GET --user admin:admin
    | python -m json.tool

And this should delete an SFF called SFF1:

    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X DELETE --user

For the localhost I used above in the URLs, you'll need to figure out the IP ODL is binding to on the controller, since if you try to send the message to localhost it wont work. Just do a "netstat -alnp | grep 8181" on the controller and you should see the correct IP.



On 16/12/16 15:54, Paraskevopoulos Georgios wrote:

    Thanks Brady,

    I’m using the tacker API to delete everything and it has the
    following calls:


    -sfc-delete (sff should be deleted here)


    If you can provide me the ODL REST  API endpoints I can hit to
    list/delete the SFFs after these operations it would be great!



    *From:*Brady Allen Johnson []
    *Sent:* Friday, December 16, 2016 4:47 PM
    *To:* Paraskevopoulos Georgios <>
    <>; <>
    *Cc:* Juan Vidal ALLENDE <>
    *Subject:* Re: Leftover vxgpe port after SF deletion


    This is a great test case!

    The flow in table=11 is the Netvirt classifier flow, so I dont
    know so much about why its not deleted when the classifier is
    deleted, but it definitely should be.

    As for the vxgpe port, that gets created when the SFC SFF is
    created, and should be deleted when the SFF is deleted. I noticed
    below you didnt mention anything about deleting the SFF, is that a
    step in your testing?



    On 16/12/16 14:26, Paraskevopoulos Georgios wrote:

        Fixed typo.

        [] *On Behalf
        Of *Paraskevopoulos Georgios
        *Sent:* Friday, December 16, 2016 3:24 PM
        *Cc:* Juan Vidal ALLENDE <>
        *Subject:* [netvirt-dev] Leftover vxgpe port after SF deletion

        Hi all,

        I’m testing if the ODL does a proper cleanup in the OVS for
        different operations and I found one issue.

        Specifically I’m doing the following operations:

        1.Create a network N1

        2.Create a security group S1 and add rules for icmp, ssh and dhcp

        3.Create 2 instances on N1 and add them to S1

        4.Create 2 VNFs, 2 SFs and 2 classifiers

        After each step I delete everything and compare the ovs state
        after deletion to the default ovs state. **For steps 1-3
        everything looks fine**

        If I delete everything after step 4 though, I get a leftover
        flow in table 11 on one of my compute nodes

        cookie=0x1110010000020255, duration=1172.279s, table=11,
        n_packets=0, n_bytes=0, tcp,reg0=0x1,tp_dst=80

        Running ovs-vsctl show, yields that one vxgpe port was not

                Port vxgpe

        Interface vxgpe

        type: vxlan

        options: {dst_port="6633", exts=gpe, key=flow, "nshc1"=flow,
        "nshc2"=flow, "nshc3"=flow, "nshc4"=flow, nsi=flow, nsp=flow,

                Port "vxlan-"

        Interface "vxlan-"

        type: vxlan

        options: {key=flow, local_ip="",

        Any ideas on why this port/flow are not deleted?


        George Paraskevopoulos

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