Dear SGE'rs
I stuck up during installation process of distribution staging

I used ..
  ./scripts/distinst -local -noexit -allall -v

The error came like

"cp /home/JPJ/sge-8.1.9/source/clients/gui-installer/dist/installer.jar
cp: cannot stat
‘/home/JPJ/sge-8.1.9/source/clients/gui-installer/dist/installer.jar’: No
such file or directory
This command failed: cp

The during

The error again

*is Error: Unable to access jarfile ./util/gui-installer/installer.jar*
Kindly suggest the needful

Himanshu Joshi
M.Tech. Cognitive & Neuroscience.
Ph.D Scholar,
Department of Psychiatry
NIMHANS, Bangalore
Multimodal Brain Image Analysis Laboratory
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