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During the process of distribution staging

I used the following command
  ./scripts/distinst -local -noexit -allall -v

The error came like

"cp /home/JPJ/sge-8.1.9/source/clients/gui-installer/dist/installer.jar
cp: cannot stat
No such file or directory
This command failed: cp /home/JPJ/sge-8.1.9/source/
clients/gui-installer/dist/installer.jar /opt/sge/util/gui-installer"

Then during

The error again

*is Error: Unable to access jarfile ./util/gui-installer/installer.jar*
I tried through command line as well
and ran the following command
./inst_sge -m -x -csp

*again the error was "sed: can't read
dist/util/install_modules/ No such file or directory [3;J"*
with the following display

*Welcome to the Grid Engine
installation---------------------------------------Grid Engine qmaster host
installation-------------------------------------Before you continue with
the installation please read these hints:   - Your terminal window should
have a size of at least     80x24 characters   - The INTR character is
often bound to the key Ctrl-C.     The term >Ctrl-C< is used during the
installation if you     have the possibility to abort the installationThe
qmaster installation procedure will take approximately 5-10 minutes.Hit
<RETURN> to continue >> *
after hitting return

*the message appears like "Unsupported local
hostname--------------------------The current hostname is resolved as
follows:Hostname: localhostAliases: localhost.localdomain localhost4
localhost4.localdomain4 localhost.localdomain localhost6
localhost6.localdomain6Host Address(es): is not
supported for a Grid Engine installation that the local hostnamecontains
the hostname "localhost" and/or the IP address "127.0.x.x" of theloopback
interface.The "localhost" hostname should be reserved for the loopback
interface("") and the real hostname should be assigned to one of
thephysical or logical network interfaces of this machine.Installation
failed.Press <RETURN> to exit the installation procedure"*

Kindly suggest the needful

*to get rid of above errors *

Himanshu Joshi
M.Tech. Cognitive & Neuroscience.
Ph.D Scholar,
Department of Psychiatry
NIMHANS, Bangalore
Multimodal Brain Image Analysis Laboratory
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