Himanshu Joshi <anshuhi...@gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks Love,
> Let me provide the relevant information
> My static host name status says
>    Static hostname: mbialjpj
>    Pretty hostname: MBIALJPJ
>          Icon name: computer-desktop
>            Chassis: desktop
>         Machine ID: 431da268159243088e0e02874e8d36bf
>            Boot ID: 24057a4a63554a72b9c7b4b7d9e72b74
>   Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Apologies, I'd forgotten Java uses amd64, and not x86_64, which
suggested Debian.

Anyhow, I still don't know exactly how the build was attempted, but if
you don't want to use the RHEL7 packages, or at least follow the build
recipe from the rpm spec file in the distribution, I think you're on
your own.  Doing anything much different is probably not going to work.
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