We're using SoGE 8.1.6 in an environment where users may login to the
cluster from a Linux workstation (typically using a lower-case login
name) or a Windows desktop, where their login name (as supplied by the
enterprise Active Directory) is usually mixed-case.

On the cluster, we've created two passwd entries per-user with an
identical UID, so there's no distinction in file ownership or any
permissions or access rights at the Linux shell level. Most users don't
notice (or care) about the case that's shown when they login.

However, SoGE seems to use the login name literally, not the UID.

This causes two problems:

        job management
                User "smithj" cannot manage (qdel, qalter) jobs
                that they submitted as "SmithJ"

        scheduler weighting
                Using fair-share scheduling, John Smith will get
                a disproportinate share of resources if he submits
                jobs as both "smithj" and "SmithJ" vs. Jane Doe
                who only submits jobs from her Linux machine as

Is there a way to configure SoGE to treat login IDs with a
case-insensitive match, or to use UIDs?

We use a JSV pretty extensively, but I didn't see a way to alter login
names via a JSV -- any suggestions?



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