Hi There,

I am testing xpra-1.0-0.20161125r14490 and my setup is the following:

I try to send a file from the server to the client, I expect the client will 
open a new windows or propose to download as it does for printing.
Unfortunately I have no clue how to achieve that. From the man page I learnt I 
could have some help from xpra control. Thus I launched from server:
$> xpra control :100 help send-file
control command 'send-file': sends the file to the client(s)

Ok, so I launched:
$> xpra control :100 send-file /etc/bashrc
server returned error code 127
 at least 3 arguments required
 'send-file': sends the file to the client(s)

With a bit of investigation I found the first argument is the file path and the 
third argument is the client.uuid, but no clue about the second argument. So I 
tried the following (blitz is just to avoid wrong number of arguments error, 
don't know what it's supposed to do with):
$> xpra control :100 send-file /etc/bashrc blitz 
send file of '/etc/bashrc' to 9fc059c462eca4f10b2e641f5b9cda38 initiated

But nothing happend on client side.

The xpra_server says:
2016-12-01 16:00:09,627 New unix-domain connection received on 
2016-12-01 16:00:56,445 New unix-domain connection received on 

and the xpra_proxy says nothing.

Please, could you explain how to tranfert files from server to html5 client and 
vice versa ?

Thanks and best regards,

_/) Eric Grammatico.
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