Hi Philip,

you use shogun modules as

import modshogun as sg


If some class is not available, you might not have had the
requirements installed when building shogun.

There is a complete class API that can be found here:

Cookbook examples (preliminary) are here:

And finally since you are in python, notebooks are here (currently
broken descriptions)

Hope that helps,


2016-10-17 15:07 GMT+01:00 Philip Thots <philip.th...@gmail.com>:
> Hello List,
> I've installed shogun on ubuntu and I'd like to use with python 2.7
> import modshogun
> works fine.
> I'd like to use some predictive modeling method, for example
> MulticlassClusteredLogisticRegression
> However:
> 1. import MulticlassClusteredLogisticRegression
> doesn't work (nor does import CMulticlassClusteredLogisticRegression)
> 2. even if it worked, I cannot find some way of knowing how to use this
> class with python.
> Could someone please point me to some documentation which does include some
> instructions as to how to use the above with python? Or if the author of
> this is available, maybe he/she could give me some instructions?

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