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> Tom deserves to win a nobel prize for all his nice work on
> > shorewall!
> >
> Not at all. I just listen to users' reports and implement changes that
> address their concerns.

I already said it some months ago but it doesn't hurt to repeat a bit!
I*WISH* that 99.9999% of the proprietary software companies, I had to deal
with in my career, providing a so-called "professional support" had at the
very _LEAST_ 5% of the level of expertise and support Tom gives us here!

Long story short: They don't provide real support besides the usual
"captain obvious" line ("did you turn on your computer?" <sigh>), they
NEVER EVER listen to suggestions ("most users are happy with the current
product"), and they tell you b*llshit like "we'll look at your suggestion
shortly" which really translates to "move suggestion(s) to /dev/null".

If this "professional support" really existed in some (acceptable) way, I
would have complained less and be way happier now. Thank you Tom and all
people involved in the Shorewall project! The same applies to some other
great software too. Guess what? They're ALL Free Open Source Software.

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