On 08/06/2017 12:14 PM, Matt Darfeuille wrote:
> Hi,
> According to:
> http://shorewall.org/shorewall_extension_scripts.htm
> the value of 'SHAREDIR' and 'CONFDIR' are usable in extension script.
> If I put for example the following lines in /etc/shorewall/start:
> $SHAREDIR/wait4ifup

PRODUCT is not exported to the generated script. The variable in the
script is 'g_product'. Also note that $SHAREDIR expands to /usr/share
and not to /usr/share/<product>.

> I get the following:
> "Processing /etc/shorewall/start ...
> /var/lib/shorewall/.restart: 1900: /var/lib/shorewall/.restart:
> /wait4ifup: not found
> /var/lib/shorewall/.restart: 1901: /var/lib/shorewall/.restart: /.conf:
> not found
> done."
> Is it a regression or is it deprecated?

It's an apparent regression. I just pushed a fix.

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