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> So if I wanted to avoid using proxy arp on the WAN interface, and since the 
> bulk is 

> really on the LAN interface then I could change gw1's enp11s0 IP settings to 
> with a 

> route for via


I changed the network configuration in my gw1 shorewall gateway, and removed 
proxyarp=1 in fw2 as in the setup described earlier:

Internet providers --- gw1 ( --- fw2 --- lan

Traffic from lan to wan is OK now, so the issue is solved.

However, there's still just one last thing that I'd like to deal with.

I tried to ping from gw1 to fw2 but failed. A tcpdump on fw2 shows that the 
ping request source IP address is It's being blocked by fw2's 
shorewall rules. I could allow this traffic, but I'd rather keep the ACCEPT 
rule from wan: to $FW alone.
I thought I only needed to masquerade on gw1's lan interface.

Here's what I did in gw1's snat file:


The params file contains:


However, pings still fail for the same reason.

A tcpdump on fw2 shows requests such as:

10:50:08.948027 IP > ICMP echo request, id 26579, seq 
8, length 64

I'm trying to masq them as " >".

I'm sending a link to gw1's dump while trying to ping (fw2) from 
gw1 (it actually succeeds because I added the allow rule for to fw2):


In short, I'd like any application running on gw1 (ping, curl, ssh, links, 
wget, etc.) to access fw2 with source address by default instead 

Any idea where my mistake is?



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